The Story of DMB

In 1984, DMB was founded as a partnership. In the decades since, we’ve partnered with others to create communities that build enduring legacies.

Our unique approach

At DMB Development, we take a different approach to crafting communities. This results in richer lives for our residents and value for our stakeholders and partners.

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The vision to take the long view

Every development we build requires countless decisions. Each decision has to respect nature, the land and the local community. Above all, it has to consider the happiness of the people who call our communities home.

That means taking the long view, a priority at every DMB community. The resulting places live well over time, becoming legacy communities that grow in value for builders, stakeholders and residents. To strengthen the larger communities in which we build, DMB Development is active in philanthropy and volunteerism.

Partner with DMB

Achieving mutual goals through partnership

Partnership lies at the heart of what we do. For us, partnership is about people, integrity and the ability to bring different interests together to achieve mutual goals.

It makes sense, then, that most DMB communities are developed through public and/or private partnerships. We partner with landowners, municipalities and investors, among others. What’s more, our emphasis on long-term collaborations with city leaders and industry organizations is unrivaled. It enables us to seize new opportunities, protect investments and craft successful developments.


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Sustainable planning that respects the land

DMB is fortunate to build in special landscapes across the country. Together with our partners, we honor and preserve these settings in sustainable, innovative ways. DMB communities preserve open space and flow with the contours of the land. We honor the history and heritage of every site through the use of authentic architecture and materials, which create a specific sense of place. Residential, retail and office spaces are woven carefully throughout our communities, sitting lightly on the land.

Easter Egg Hunt at a DMB Community

A vibrant sense of community

At DMB Development, we develop communities that make life a richer, more fulfilling experience for our residents. Every activity brings people together and builds a lasting sense of connection. Paths and trails wind through each DMB community, linking street to street and neighbor to neighbor.

Diverse and creative amenities encourage friendships. So does DMB’s thoughtful design, with its pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, shaded sidewalks and courtyards. Community life, an idea unique to our company, takes connection deeper still. We actively partner with our residents in the creation of their own community, ensuring the vibrance and longevity of DMB developments.

Meet the Founders

  • Drew Brown
    Drew M. Brown

    Founding Partner

  • Mark Sklar
    Mark Sklar

    Founding Partner

  • Bennett Dorrance
    Bennett Dorrance

    Founding Partner


DMB Development, LLC

DMB Development LLC manages a collection of DMB’s newer projects and serves as the platform for future DMB projects.

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DMB Associates, Inc.

DMB Associates Inc. manages a collection of longstanding DMB projects.

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